The Differences Between Grass-Fed Dairy Products vs. Factory Farming

05 Sep

Not all food is created equal. When thinking about healthy diets, we often cast broad generalizations about certain types or categories of food. “Eat this, not that!” we decry. But the nuances that distinguish specific food products are often overlooked, and it is in the details that we uncover some of the most beneficial or detrimental effects of what we eat. Certain artificial processes of production negate the health benefits of the product themselves, so it is important to ensure that you are getting the highest quality natural products whenever possible.

In no food category is this more true than dairy. There’s a big nutritional difference between dairy products created using grass-fed methods and those that are factory farmed. Naturally-produced milk from grass-fed cows contains healthy fats that are extremely nutritious and have been linked to low cancer rates, for example, while factory-produced milk can result in unhealthy gut bacteria.

Whey protein is another dairy product that is best when created with a grass-fed process. The addition of hormones and other additives can take a toll on the body’s health, counteracting any health benefits you might be hoping to gain from consuming the protein in the first place.

In general, when in pursuit of healthy eat habits, you want to avoid chemical and artificial processes in favour of more natural ones. Sticking to grass-fed dairy products is one of the most significant, and easiest, ways to make sure you are getting the food value you need—and not the harmful stuff you don’t.

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The Differences Between Grass-Fed Dairy Products vs. Factory Farming

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